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Grundfos Control Boxes

Grundfos Control Boxes



<a href=”https://matherpumps.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/1335463735063.jpg”><img class=”size-medium wp-image-2034 alignright” src=”https://matherpumps.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/1335463735063-300×97.jpg” alt=”Grundfos control box” width=”300″ height=”97″ /></a>The Grundfos control box is one of the many high quality products that Mather Pump Service offers. Grundfos is a company that we know and trust. They set the industry standard in high quality water solutions by continually improving upon the design and construction of their products.

Grundfos has been meeting and exceeding the demands of the water industry for several years. Not only do they provide high quality pump solutions, but they are leading the way in creating water solutions that are sustainable. Here at Mather Pump Service we believe in efficient, sustainable, and durable products, which is why we proudly support Grundfos.

We offer a complete range of Grundfos control boxes. These are heavy duty epoxy coat steel equipped with internal protective shields and a quick disconnect for safe handling and repair. Each one comes in a variety of horsepower options, and all are easy to use and durable.

To order or for more information, give Mather Pump Service a call today! Our trained and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with all of your control box needs no matter what application you need it for.

<li>Heavy duty and durable construction</li>
<li>Easy to use</li>
<li>Standard: .5HP to 5HP</li>
<li>Deluxe: 1.5HP to 5HP</li>
<li>CSCR: 1HP</li>
<li>NEMA Type 3R</li>
<li>Gray Epoxy coated</li>
<li>18 Gauge Steel Construction</li>
<li>Pull Handle Disconnect</li>
<li>Safety Shields</li>
<li>UL Recognized Mallory Start Capacitor</li>
<li>UL Recognized General Electric Voltage Relay</li>


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Grundfos Pumps


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