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Premium Weight Water Tanks

Water Tanks – White – Premium Weight Water Tanks

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Premium Weight Water Tanks are thicker and will last longer than light duty tanks.  Shapes include vertical cylinder, PCO, pickup truck, free standing and horizonal leg with optional U bolt tie downs.

The vertical water tanks offer the largest gallonage selections.  Norwesco vertical tanks feature tie-down slots, built-in graduated gallon indicators, an offset fill-opening and a self-vented, slosh-proof lid.  Above ground vertical Norwesco tanks will be provided with a bulkhead fitting installed as standard, but may also be ordered without a fitting or in special sizes.

Premium weight tanks can be special ordered in yellow, blue, dark green or black for a small addition.  Black and dark green in particular keep out light to help prevent water bourne algae growth.  For this reason white potable water tanks may want to be kept indoors out of UV light, but protection from UV light will help all polyethylene tanks last longer.



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