Homeowners Water Well Legislative Position Paper & Fact Sheet

This Legislative Position Paper & Fact Sheet is from the Washington State Ground Water Association (WSGWA) - 2021 Did you know that today's highly engineered household (domestic/ exempt) well, used in conjunction with an efficient septic system, represents the...


New Comprehensive Guide to Financial & Planning Resources for Rural Community Drinking Water Projects

C958 Bronze Turbine Pump Bowls

Many special materials of construction are used for industrial pumping lineshaft/submersible turbine pumps, parts and components. Materials options include: Stainless Steels in 17-4pH, 18-8, 201, 304, 316, and 416 SS, Monel Ni-Resist Tons of Bronze options, including:...

NGWA & Groundwater Foundations Merge

Congratulations to these two great foundations!  Looking forward to more good things from them. (WESTERVILLE, OH and LINCOLN, NE — May 29 , 2018) "Creating one Sole Organization, focused on advancing groundwater knowledge through education, community outreach, and...

Study finds 400+ chemicals in our rivers and lakes

The following is an excerpt from Science Friday:   A recent study  indicates that the nation’s waterways are contaminated with human-made chemicals that water treatment facilities often don’t remove. Researchers took water samples from 35 different rivers and...

“Smart” Water

Syrian archaeologists are using a new product to try to stop the illegal flow of antiquities. It's a high-tech liquid visible under special light that carries tagging data on where items come from.  Smart Water!   March 21, 20175:01 AM ET Heard on Morning...

Water Rights Policy Recommendations

These recommendations are published by the Water Systems Council Policy Recommendations 1. Groundwater law—whether federal or state—should take into account the greater impact on groundwater resources of demands of large volume users compared to usage by household or...

Clark County’s Looming Drinking Water Contamination

Reader, Mather Pump Service is a concerned stakeholder and steward to the invaluable supply of pure water contained underneath Clark County in the Troutdale aquifer.  Which is why we strongly consider the proposed wastewater injection into the ground to be...

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