Congratulations to these two great foundations!  Looking forward to more good things from them.

(WESTERVILLE, OH and LINCOLN, NE — May 29 , 2018)

Creating one Sole Organization, focused on advancing groundwater knowledge through education, community outreach, and professional development.”

The NGWA Foundation for Groundwater and the Groundwater Foundation today announced they will merge, establishing the foremost foundation dedicated to protecting groundwater and enhancing professional practices in the industry. Under the agreement, the combined entity will carry the Groundwater Foundation name and will leverage administrative and operational support from NGWA. This merger aligns the organizations to effectively raise the national profile of the groundwater industry.  Existing staff and operations for the Groundwater Foundation will remain intact in Lincoln, NE.  The public will have access to the latest science, research, field work, scholarships, breaking news, and comment from proven leaders in the groundwater industry.  “Our combined vision, bolsters our grassroots efforts to educate, inspire action, and to create a community of Groundwater Guardians to protect this critical resource,” said Terry Morse, CEO of NGWA

Announcement links:

Groundwater Foundation

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA)




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