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Few other pump suppliers back you with the comprehensive pump and motor services we offer. For us, it’s all about taking care of our customers, making sure the job is done right, and adding as much value as possible. We know that when your interests are taken care of, so are ours. With that in mind, we offer the following on-site pump services for your home or business.  Used individually or in combination we’ll meet your specific needs.

On-site Water Pump Services for Homes & Industry

Field Trouble Shooting Your Entire System, Including:

  • Pump Troubleshooting and Evaluation
  • Electric Motor Diagnostics
  • Pressure Tank Functionality and Integrity Checks
  • Control Box and Control Panel Troubleshooting
  • Variable Speed Drive (VFD) Troubleshooting & Programming
  • Control Valve Troubleshooting & Re-calibration
  • Water Treatment System Maintenance
  • Water Filter Cartridge Replacement
Advanced Industrial Troubleshooting and Metering Capabilities

On top of our array of standard metering we are also skilled with the following industrial specialty capabilities:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Infrared Heat Gun
  • Standard Heat Gun
  • Vibration Meter Analysis
  • Laser Alignment
Installation of our Professional Pumping Products

Installation of many products as long we provide them, including:

  • Pump Installation
  • Electric Motor Installation
  • Pressure Tank Installation
  • Pumping Control Panel Installation
  • Pump Control Valve Installation
  • Variable Speed Drive (VFD) Installation & Programming
  • Water Treatment & Conditioning Installation
Electric Motor Services
  • Electrical Diagnosis
  • Pump/Motor Instrumentation, Protection, & Controls
  • Motor Bearing replacement
  • Electrical Winding Maintenance – Dip N Bake
  • Re-winds
  • Laser Alignment
Start-up & Commissioning Service for Pump Systems

Our start-up service sets us apart from the competition!  We include complimentary equipment commissioning on major municipal & industrial equipment that we install. 

We have a unique, system wide, understanding of your pumps, electric motors, valving, tanks, vfd’s, controls, electrical theory, and fluid dynamics.  This understanding greatly helps when starting up complex critical systems.  After all, that’s why it’s called a “system.”

Everything works together…or it doesn’t work!

Servicing your Water Well
  • Well Production Testing (Flow Testing)
  • Well Chlorination
  • Well Video Camera Recording
  • Well Alignment Testing
  • Well Sand Bailing
Water Softening, Filtration and Treatment

We diligently test to be confident our water treatment solutions will be effective for your water.

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