Homeowner’s Complete Guide to Water Testing

We offer Free Water Testing for:

  1. Water Hardness  (often calcium and magnesium content — water hardness causes the formation of “soap scum,” making skin, dishes, and laundry more difficult to rinse and requiring more water usage)
  2. T.D.S. – Total Dissolved Solids  (The entire amount of dissolved inorganic and organic matter in a volume of water)
  3. pH Balance (acidic <-> neutral <-> alkaline)
  4. Iron Content  (Iron can clog pipes and stain fixtures) – the 4th most common element on earth
  5. Iron Bacteria  (Iron Bacteria are microorganisms that create build-up that sticks to piping and fixtures – aka Iron Slime, Red Slime, Iron Algae, Iron Ocher) (This particular test requires an extended period of time to complete – sometimes up to two weeks)

Just rinse out a plastic bottle or glass jar, fill it back up then drop it off at our office.  We’ll let you know any recommendations for water softening, iron removal, filtration, or other treatment, if needed. We are located at:

12307 NE 95th St. Vancouver, WA 98682     8am-5pm  Monday – Friday


State-of-the-art Iron Removal Systems  –  Water Softening & Conditioning Systems  –  Frequently Asked Questions


Health and Safety Water Testing:

While causing many troublesome issues, non of the above factors are generally considered health risks affecting the potability of your water.  The National Ground Water Association recommends that if you own a well, you should have your water tested at least once a year to make sure it is safe.  If you have water treatment or purification equipment which is meant to ensure that your water is potable and safe to drink it is crucial that you perform water testing annually to verify your water treatment equipment system is functioning properly, and that the water source conditions haven’t changed.  No equipment lasts forever.  UV lights, treatment media, filter cartridges and salt tanks all need maintenance and refills to work…just like your car.  If your equipment is critical to your families health, have a professional maintain it regularly.

You should have your water tested immediately if:

  • You notice a change in how you water tastes or smells.  Maybe it smells funny.  This happens when impurities or chemicals have leached into your water from pipes or from the ground.  Hydrogen sulfide will make water smell like rotten eggs, but is not a health risk.  Many metal elements are harmless in small doses, but others such as lead and arsenic are indeed dangerous.  Since you can’t be sure what is causing your water to taste or smell differently, you should get it tested right away.
  • You or your family experience recurrent gastrointestinal illness or discomfort.  Gastrointestinal disease may be caused by pathogenic microorganisms in your water supply.  If you drink, cook with, or shower in contaminated water, these parasitic bacteria and protozoa can invade your digestive tract, causing pain, discomfort, diarrhea, and potentially serious illness.  If multiple members of your household are all sick with stomach ailment for an extended period of time, have your water tested immediately.
  • You have had recent problems with your septic system.  Inadequately treated sewage can contaminate your water supply, posing the risk of serious diseases, such as dysentery, hepatitis, or typhoid fever.  Make sure your septic system is in good working order and have your water tested after potential issues to make sure it has not been contaminated by seepage.

Water is life!  Don’t take it for granted….Give us a call to have it tested.  1-360-869-0507

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