Mather Pump Service is a concerned stakeholder and steward to the invaluable supply of pure water contained underneath Clark County in the Troutdale aquifer.  Which is why we strongly consider the proposed wastewater injection into the ground to be contamination of the resource.  It is not if, but when an injection system will fail catastrophically, injecting unthinkable sewage water directly into our drinking tap. All mechanical systems fail despite theoretical redundancy.  Humans are equally fallible…despite the best laid plans of mice and men. You can maintain your car perfectly, but it’s not going to make it 1,000,000 miles. Maybe not 100,000 without a major incident. For instance my 2014 Chevy has had no less than 5 recalls.

In the linked Columbian article below Cowlitz Tribe Chairman William Lyall talks about re-use of wastewater in the casino’s toilets.  We feel this practice is environmentally sound.  The Tribe should be applauded for this instance of stewardship.  He goes on to state: Reclaiming the water (for use in the toilets) “mirrors the tribe’s values for protection of all our resources.”  If the Tribe truly values protection of our pure groundwater, then let us plead that they find a way to connect to the La Center wastewater treatment plant as they originally proposed.  The pipeline was already extended just for them.  Likewise, may our representative officials overcome the red tape to protect our most precious resource, our drinking water.  Once this pure resource is contaminated, it can not easily be undone, if at all.

Wastewater injection is not sound practice for the Pacific Northwest.


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November 12, 2015 By Amy Fischer, Columbian City Government Reporter – Cowlitz Tribe submits plan for handling wastewater from planned casino – Bid to connect to La Center’s sewer system was denied

January 22, 2016 By Amy Fischer, Columbian City Government Reporter – Herrera Beutler letter challenges casino’s wastewater plan – Congresswoman writes a second time to federal agency, repeating concerns

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