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Septic Tank - Norwesco

Septic Tank – Norwesco

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Mather Pumps strives to offer only the best products to our customers, and Norwesco’s products are one of them. The Norwesco septic tank and wastewater tank are the industry leader in septic design.

As one of the leading tank manufacturers, Norwesco’s septic tank offers many superior features including:

  • Ease of the septic tank installation
  • Rotationally molded one-piece tank construction
  • Superior strength design
  • Excellent sewage corrosion resistance
  • Single or Double compartment design
  • Pre-plumbed inlet and outlet fittings. Designed to meet your specific state requirements and ready for installation
  • Water tight tank lid
  • Full range of septic tank accessories and risers.

The standard weight yellow poly tank is suitable for most septic applications. With rocky soil or out of the way installations we suggest the Norwesco Bruiser Tank, which offers heavy duty construction without the need to fill the tank with water during installation.

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