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Steel Fabricated Discharge Heads

Steel Fabricated Discharge Heads



Steel Fabricated Discharge Heads for vertical turbine pumps offer several advantages over cast iron discharge heads. Each fabricated head is custom designed to application specifications and has a unique feature set.  For example, fabricated heads for canned turbines feature special centerlined inlets and outlets above grade to connect your piping up to.  Things like sounding tubes and transducer ports can placed exactly where needed.

In general, fabricated discharge heads are heavier duty than cast discharge heads and will support more weight down the well, and larger motors fixed to the top of them. They are less inclined to cracking. The heavy solid weight of a fabricated discharge head provides a solid support to keep your mission critical pump motor running more smoothly than a lighter cast discharge.

While fabricated discharge heads do require longer lead times and more up-front cost on your initial investment, the added features and benefits are often worth the upgrade. Because fabricated discharge heads are custom designed they are also useful to replace cast iron pump discharges that are no long manufactured.

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