Electric Motors

Our people are skilled in AC electric motor knowledge, sales, electric motor repair, and especially at understanding the relationship between pumps and electric motors. Your motor directly affects your pump performance, and each piece of equipment must be purposefully put together to deliver the reliability and efficiency you need. Every motor and pump are manufactured to match up to each other uniquely and to deliver a specific set of features. We have extensive experience with horizontal AC electric motors, VHS – vertical hollow-shaft motors, and submersible motors. Some motors are “up-rated,” some are “de-rated,” some electric motors are made in the USA, and some are even “explosion proof motors.” When looking for a new electric motor always make sure that your motor has been properly sized with the pump for long life using “name-plate amperage.” If you’ve received a quote using the “safety factor amperage” on any electric motor, you will get shortened motor life. The list of electric motor features and design rules goes on and on. We understand your pump motor needs and can provide the best motor to fit your application, so call us today, we would be glad to help.

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