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Goulds Water Technology CentriPro 6″-12″ Submersible Deep Well Water Pump Motors




Gould Water Technology CentriPro Submersible Deep Well Water Pump Motors are strong, high powered pump motors that come in a variety of sizes.


  • Single Phase, 6″ motors available in 5 – 15 HP, 230 volt models.
  • Require CentriPro Control Boxes as shown on Order Number chart.


  • Three Phase, 6″, 5 – 30 HP, 230 and 460 volt models have an exclusive voltage change plug feature.
  • 6 – 10″ Three Phase available from 5 – 200 HP in 200, 230, 460 and 575 volt models.


6″ Canned Design Motor Features

  • Replaceable Plug-in Motor Lead – All 6″ motor leads are stranded copper for flexibility and strength. Leads are 150″ long and field replaceable.
  • Insulation – The canned motor’s stator coil is mounted in a stainless steel frame and is completely sealed in a stainless steel cylinder. The coil wire features moisture resistant insulation which is completely water-proofed for long life.
  • Heat Resistant – The space between the stator’s stainless steel protective can and its frame is filled with a specially formulated patented resin that protects the motor against thermal fluctuation and internal stress.
  • 95º F (35º C) Water Temperature (CANNED TYPE: 6″, 5 – 50 HP) – The motors operate with a minimum flow rate of 0.5 ft./sec. (0.15 m/sec) in water temperature up to 95º F (35º C) without any derating of horsepower. This 95º F (35º C) temperature is 18º F (10º C) higher than NEMA standards.

8-10″ Rewindable Water-Tight Motor Features

  • Insulation Wire – The coil conductor insulation material is a specially developed denatured polypropylene, which offers excellent leak-resistant characteristics. Three barriers are applied to the copper conductors to provide complete insulation against the motor’s cooling fluid. This design is the result of extensive research and is of superior quality. It insures that CentriPro motors will have an extremely long service life. Motor Features – Both Designs
  • Sand Resistant Slinger and Lip Seals – CentriPro submersible motors feature double-row, grease packed, lip seals to prevent sand from entering the motor. A carbon steel slinger with a baked on epoxy coating prevents sand from entering the lip seal area. Additional protection against sand intrusion is provided by the close tolerance slinger guide with a .02″ fit. This design is field-proven in West Texas wells which are considered to be some of the worst sandy well applications. Best of all, these features are standard for a CentriPro motor, so there is no need to stock one motor for clean wells and another more
    expensive motor for the more abrasive, sandy jobs.
  • High Torque Characteristics – The stator laminations are constructed of high quality, electrical grade, silicon steel which provide high torque even when the motor is subjected to nominal voltage variations.
  • Balancing – The rotor balance rings (one on each end of the rotor) allow for excellent dynamic balance for the rotating element of the motor.
  • Carbon Sleeve Bearings – Two carbon, water-lubricated, guide bearings are used to properly align the shaft. The bearings have a large surface area to better support the shaft, reducing whipping, while acting as a steady bushing.
  • Water-Filled Design – The internal cooling water is mixed with antifreeze and antirust liquid to allow the motor to be stored at -22º F (-30º C). Two water plugs are provided for filling or draining the antifreeze fluid during maintenance. These plugs are also used to top off and to check the water level.
  • Complete Corrosion and Water-Tight Protection – All main motor components are made of stainless steel: including the can housing (water tight type motors have baked epoxy coated carbon steel housings), shaft and bolts. All other motor parts are finished with the baked epoxy coating.
  • Baked Epoxy Coating – All external and internal cast iron parts are coated with a baked epoxy resin that provides excellent resistance to water and corrosion.
  • Quality Control – All CentriPro submersible motors are manufactured and tested under the most stringent quality control procedures, providing long service life and trouble-free operation.

Goulds Water Technology CentriPro 6″-12″ Submersible Deep Well Water Pump Motors

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