Ultraviolet Water Purification for Bacteria and Contaminant Removal

Ultraviolet water purification is a highly advanced water purifying technology. Ultraviolet (UV) rays destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses, so that these microorganisms can neither reproduce nor cause illness.

UV filtration is widely considered the gold standard of water disinfectant systems. It is used in millions of homes and businesses across the country. It requires no antiseptic chemicals to be added to the water; UV light alone kills 99.99 percent of pathogenic microorganisms, such as E.coli.

UV disinfection is environmentally friendly, produces no chemical byproducts, and is free of any toxicity. It harnesses and focuses the germ-killing properties of sunlight, which people have known of since the late 1800s. Though UV rays from the sun outdoors can burn the skin, UV water purification is completely safe, as its rays are contained in an opaque container and humans are not exposed to them.

A Healing History

The disinfectant properties of UV radiation have been known for well over a century.

In 1877, a pair of English scientists observed that sugar water kept in a shaded area grew cloudy with bacteria, but stayed clear when exposed to sunlight.

Fifteen years later, another scientist, Marshall Ward, proved that it was largely the sun’s invisible ultraviolet rays which killed the bacteria.

Building on this discovery, in 1903, the Danish physician and researcher Niels Ryberg Finsen pioneered the use of UV radiation to fight tuberculosis. Finsen received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for this work.

Today, in addition to purifying water, UV radiation is used in pasteurizing fruit juices and disinfecting apple cider.

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