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We have installed irrigation pumps at Portland’s parks and golf courses. Serviced pumps at many Portland area schools and universities, and sold pumps to many of Oregon’s state agencies. We have worked on federally funded projects throughout Portland and Oregon. Not to mention supplying businesses in Portland, OR industrial pumps for over half of a century! Call today to see how we can help you with your pump application 1-503-242-1734

Types of pumps and equipment that we commonly sell in Portland, OR include: water pumps, centrifugal pumps, turbine pumps, electric pump motors, pressure tanks, industrial control valves, and variable speed drives, and much more. Take a look at the Products section of our website for a more comprehensive list of products that we handle.

Take a look at some of our Portland, Oregon pump projects:

Local Manufacturer:
This manufacturer had throw away, do-it-yourself grade pumps that regularly needed replacing. He called us looking for an industrial pump upgrade, that would last longer, could be rebuild, and have a lower total cost of ownership. When his last throw away pump broke down, he installed the new centrifugal pump that he had bought from us. The pump worked well, outperforming the old pumps he had been ordering from the internet. Satisfied with the industrial pump’s performance, he called back and ordered a standby pump to ensure his plant down time stayed minimum.

Portland Golf:
Many of Portland’s golf courses make use of our turbine dewatering pumps.  In this particular instance, the golf course turbine pumps had some old vertical hollow shaft pump motors, one of which was running rough and loud. In the early fall we showed up onsite to troubleshoot the system. We were able to verify that the pumps were still performing well, then we measured current motor vibration, and found that it was excessive. During the winter when the golf course had stopped irrigating, we brought out our crane and removed the motors, inspected them, gave an estimate to replace the motor bearings and dip and bake the motor windings. The work was performed, we reinstalled the pump motor, and started the system back up to measure motor vibration and confirm motor performance. All was quite again on the greens, and the golfers were very happy.

City Park:
The park uses and irrigation well water pump to keep the park lush and green during the long hot summer months. When the irrigation well water pump wore out, Mather Pumps was able to quickly respond. The old water pump was pulled out and a new pump, submersible pump wire, galvanized pipe, and pump controls were installed.

Portland Oregon is where it all started for Mather Pumps. In the 1940’s, before the inception of Mather Pumps, the Mather family was working and learning about pumps at a Portland, OR industrial pump manufacturer called Pacific Pump. One at a time each of the family left Pacific Pump to join their new company. Since that time Mather Pump has proudly serviced Portland, Oregon’s pumps.

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