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Whether you would like a glass of water, or to pump all of Horseshoe Lake we have what you need!
Pumps – Electric Motors – Controls – Valves – Tanks – Variable Speed Drives (VFD)

Residential Jet Pumps for sand point systems
Agricultural and Irrigation Pumps for farming
Well Water Pumps
Industrial Pumps
Municipal Pumps
Contractor Pumps
Commercial Pumps


Jet Pumps Systems
Jet pump systems are popular because of their extreme versatility and great value. Often used as sand point pumps, booster pumps or as irrigation pumps, our jet pumps are stronger and sturdier than the ones you’ll find in retail stores. Plus, they can be rebuilt, adding even more value. We stock parts for all of our jet pump models, and can quickly and easily repair your jet pump should it be required down the road.

Sump Pumps
Submersible pumps perform many different tasks in the pump industry and submersible sump pumps are no exception. We stock the sump pumps commonly used in basements throughout the country plus larger sump pumps to move more water and solids. We can help design the very large sumps and bring in the right product for you.

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