Pressure Tank Installation and Replacement

Flexcon H2Pro Well Water Pressure TankIs your tank bad?  We would be happy to provide a service call where we check your tank and the rest of your system. Is your tank a silver/gray color?  Then 99% of the time it’s well overdue for replacement. When we check your system we will be happy to provide an estimate for replacement if needed.

If you are building a new home. We will work with you or your builder to review the size of your future home, well construction, and assess your water needs to determine the correct equipment for your home.

Water system construction most often happens in two phases. After your well is drilled we will come out and set the pump and take water samples for building approval. Once the building has begun, and typically after the garage floor as been poured and is set, then we will come back and do the pressure tank installation.

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