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Goulds Water Technology Submersible Turbine Pump

Goulds Water Technology Submersible Turbine Pump

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Goulds Water Technology is a major player in submersible turbine pump manufacturing. Quality control starts immediatly at thier own foundry and continues through a network of professional submersible turbine pump installers. Features of the Goulds Water Technology Sumbersible Turbine Pump Include:

  • Discharge Bowl: Several discharge sizes available (NPT).
  • Discharge Bearing: Extra long sealed top bronze bearing insures shaft alignment and stabilization for extended life.
  • Intermediate Bowl: Class 30 cast iron. Glass coating on 6″ and larger bowls for maximum efficiency and abrasion resistance.
  • Intermediate Bearings: Available in either no-lead bronze or rubber.
  • Impellers: Designed for maximum efficiency with a wide range hydraulic coverage. Made of low zinc and no lead material suitable for drinking water applications.
  • Taperlock: Accurately machined to ensure positive locking of the impeller to the pump shaft.
  • Upthrust Collar: Designed with extra margin of safety against momentary upthrust at start-up.
  • Suction Adapter: Designed to ensure proper pump/motor alignment. Open area permits easy access to pump/motor coupling. Casting made of ductile iron for increased strength.
  • Pump to Motor Coupling: Stainless steel coupling accurately machined for perfect alignment, balance and power transmission.
  • Pump Shaft: 100,000 PSI high tensile type 416 stainless steel provides strength and corrosion resistance. Ground and polished for smooth bearing surface.
  • Powered for Continuous Operation: All horsepower ratings are within the service limits of the motor and the submersible turbine pump can be operated continuously without fear of damage to the motor.


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