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FCS pump control panels

FCS Pump Control Panels



Looking for a user friendly, easy to use, and reliable pump control panel? Mather Pump Service offers FCS pump control panels that are just that! The display shows an easy to use menu for setting a variety of parameters. You can adjust any setting in a matter of seconds, such as how long to allow for dry well recovery, set run time periods, on/off delays, and more.

Franklin Control Systems is a nationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of motor controls, including pump control panels. We know Franklin’s products to be of the highest quality, and most innovation technology, which is why we feel comfortable offering them to our customers.

Franklin’s Tru-power™ sensing protects pumps from dry-run, dead head, runout, and jammed impeller conditions. This innovation technology keeps your system working and prevents costly premature pump failure.

For more information about Franklin’s pump control panels, please do not hesitate to call us! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to assist you in all of your pump control panel needs!


  • Integrated Tru-power™ electronic motor and pump protection
  • Eliminates need for costly pump protection relays
  • Dry pump detection using power (nuisance trip-free): time-based automatic restart and well recovery mode
  • Features a wide-range, adjustable, class 5-30 electronic overload
  • Built-in power monitoring and fault logging for easy troubleshooting
  • View voltage, current, power factor, and more through an intuitive display
  • Quickly identify common power problems such as phase imbalance, voltage drop, and over/undercurrent conditions to ensure proper pump operation
  • Built-in fault log
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Door mounted heavy-duty HOA switch
  • Housed in an outdoor rated, gasketed, NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Multi-tap control power transformer with integrated secondary protection accommodates common motor voltages. No fuses required!
  • Includes 120 VAC control power for field devices
  • NEMA/IEC rated magnetic contactors feature 2.5 million electrical cycles at full rated current
  • Advanced programmable pump control
  • Automatic fault reset
  • Backspin delay – Prevents start-up while system is draining
  • On and off delay settings
  • Well recovery mode (up to 48 hours)
  • Minimum run time based on last input
  • 12-120 V input for remote start/stop
  • Dry contact input for remote start/stop
  • Circuit breaker disconnect (Service Entrance rated)
  • UL 489 circuit breaker provides branch and short circuit protection
  • No fuses required – saves time and money
  • Lockable handle for safety


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