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Berkeley B3ZRM Water Truck Pump

Berkeley B3ZRM Water Truck Pump


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BERKELEY B3ZRM water truck pump is a frame-mount centrifugal pump designed as a heavy duty water truck pump. These pumps are also ideal for all general purpose applications requiring high performance, moderate initial cost, and easy maintenance.

This sturdy and long lasting pump provides the best operating and maintenance benefits available. Sealed bearings keep dirt and debris out of bearing while an improved bearing retention method allows for extended dependability with minimal maintence. With an O-ring casing seal, this pump offers a more reliable sealing method, and easily assembles and disassembles.

Each part of this pump is designed to be strong, efficient, and durable, which together creates a pump that can handle both the toughest and the easiest of jobs.

Key features
  • Volute Case Incorporates Precise Geometric Design for Increased Hydraulic Efficiency
  • Thick-Walled Close-Grained Cast Iron to Handle the Stresses of Everyday Use
  • Back Pull-Out Design Allows Easy Removal And Service Without Disturbing Piping Connections
  • Enclosed Impeller Designed and Machined to Optimize Performance and Operating Efficiencies
  • Discharge May Be Rotated To Any of Four Positions for Piping Convenience

The Berkeley B3ZRM Water Truck Pump comes with a warranty of 12 months from date of original installation, or, 24 months from date of manufacture

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