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American Marsh Helical Gear Pump

American Marsh GH Helical Gear Pumps


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These American Marsh GH Helical Gear Pumps operate smoothly and with equal efficiency in either direction of operation when the relief is in the proper position. They efficiently pump heavy, viscous materials such as asphalt, molasses, roofing compounds and printing inks; as well as fuel oils, gasolines and similar thin liquids.

Amercian Marsh gear pumps are available in several materials of construction with or without relief valves. Gear pumps can be supplied with conventional packing or mechanical seal.

Mather Pumps is committed to selling only the highest quality products from the best manufacturers, and American Marsh is one of those. If you have any questions, or wish to order, give us a call!

Performance Characteristics:

  • Capacities to: 400 GPM
  • Heads to: 289 Feet
  • Temperatures to: 300 F (150 C)
  • Speed ranges: 900 to 100 RPM

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy cast iron gears for long life and durability.
  • Packed stuffing box standard. Optional American-Marsh Series 810 mechanical seal for both reliability and dependability. Carbon/Si-Carbide/EPDM elastomers standard, with other faces and elastomers available.
  • Large variety of shaft bushings available.
  • Optional relief valve.
  • Optional rigid carbon steel bedplate and OSHA coupling guard.


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