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8” Rewindable Hitachi Submersible Motors

8″ Rewindable Hitachi Submersible Motors – Water Tight Type 2p/4p (pole) 3600/1800 rpm



Mather Pump Service sells and installs 8” Rewindable Hitachi Submersible Motors because we know they are a great product that our customers have been satisfied with. Hitachi has been manufacturing cutting edge motors and motor products of all sizes for decades. These motors have stood the test of time and use, which is one of the reasons we proudly stock them.

The innovative design of the 8” Rewindable Hitachi Submersible Motors allow for high thrust loads to be placed on the bearings without causing significant wear even after several years of heavy duty use. These motors are built for durability, a long life, and low maintenance.  Whether you need a submersible motor for a commercial, municipal, agricultural, or any other application, these motors are a great choice.

For over 60 years Mather Pump Service has offered unparalleled service and excellent products. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff have knowledge required to guide you to the right motor for your need. Once you have the right motor for your needs, our team of technicians provide professional and quick installation.

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  • Specially developed polypropylene insulation for a durable, waterproof properties
  • Durable and moisture resistant insulation
  • Stainless steel frame and protective stainless steel cylinder
  • Complete water proofing for a long life
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Can handle high thrust loads
  • Powerful motor for a variety of uses


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