Flomatic Pump Control Valves

Mather Pump Service proudly sells Flomatic pump control valves because we have found their products to withstand every day use, are built of the highest quality materials, and their design has proven to make these valves operate smoothly and consistently. Flomatic pump control valves

Flomatic pump control valves automatically regulate downstream pressure, and provide a constant pressure no matter what the water flow is like. There are many benefits to this such as a longer pump life, eliminating water hammer, and it is energy efficient. Our team at Mather Pump Service has sold and installed many Flomatic pump control valves, and know the products to be consistently reliable.

We currently stock and sell many of Flomatic’s control valves, including the C601/CF601 and C621/CF621. These control valves operate well in a variety of systems across many applications including commercial, municipal, irrigational, and more. Mather Pump Service is available and more than happy to expertly answer your questions and guide you to the right pump control valve for your need.

At Mather Pump Service we go above and beyond to provide outstanding products and customer service. Our knowledgeable professionals are a phone call away, ready to expertly answer your questions. So give us a call today!


  • Various sizing options
  • We offer the entire line of C line models
  • Reliably provides a constant water pressure
  • Each model has the ability to set water pressure and is field adjustable
  • Valves are built from the strongest materials including iron, bronze, and stainless steel
  • Durable, reliable, and efficient
  • Works well in a variety of water system applications and booster systems
  • Internal parts are corrosion resistant


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