Flomatic Control Valves

Here at Mather Pump Service, we have used Flomatic control valves regularly over the years and know their products to be one of the greatest on the market today. Control valves are Flomatic’s specialty, so we offer multiple lines and models. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions, just give us a call!Flomatic control valves

In order for water to be regulated, a control valve usually responds to temperature or flow meters that cause the valve to open and close. Automatic control valves do this with hydraulic actuators which allow the valve to open and close simply by the pressure in the water. We offer both kinds of control valves from Flomatic, and all of their C line valve models.

The Flomatic control valves are built with the most durable materials and efficient technology. These valves excel in a variety of applications whether it be municipal, commercial, irrigational, or any other setting. Built to be durable enough for consistent, everyday use, these valves operate smoothly in many systems including booster pumps, deep well pumps, and more.

If you have any questions about which control valve is right for your needs, Mather Pump Service’s team of trained professionals will happily answer your questions. For over 60 years we have had a mission to provide all of our customers with outstanding service whether it is just a phone call, or if we are on site assisting someone through replacement or installation of a brand new system.

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  • Variety of sizes
  • Variety of models and types
  • Built for durability with strong materials such as iron, bronze, and steel
  • Works well in a variety of uses


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